Sveta Nedjelja

Sveta Nedjelja (Holy Sunday) is place of impressions for inspirations!

that are located in the southern part of the island,

and administratively belongs to the town of Hvar.

3 km from the coast cliffs Lukavci

(two small islands), from the lighthouse.

It is the highest peak of the island - St Nicholas,

a cave was inhabited in the Neolithic period,

in the Renaissance Which

path before the Turks buried successors Augustinian

order and built a small monastery (extinct 1787th), which

Thanks to the excellent geographical location and climatic

conditions, oblique and sunny hill,

where premium grapes reluctantly goes.

Sveta Nedjelja are the best kind of Hvar red wines such

as the famous "Zlatan Plavac" from Zlatan Plenkovic.
Patroness, Our Lady of Holy Sunday centure (Our Lady of

the Most Holy Pasca) of honor that keeps residents and

village from all evil, the feast of Our Lady is always on

Sunday St.Augustine (August 28) whose statue is

also located in the local church.

In St. Augustine, the procession around the village and

the Mass century, there is all the priests of the island.

At Our Lady centure is procession around the transition

to the inevitable feast in the evening in the village square.

The parish church is dedicated to St. Spiridiunu whose

feast is celebrated (November 14th).



When translated into English Sveta Nedjelja means Holy Sunday

The town of Sveta Nedjelja,has only 148 inhabitants and is

situated at the foot of the hill Sveti Nikola,

on the southern sideof the island, facing Italy.

It is ab ecological area with

local waters, particularly

suitable for divers and adventurers,



Here you can watch a VIDEO about freediving  !

The entire southern side of the island has no industrial

facilitiesand there are ancient traces of the Augustinians

found above the town in the caves

It is a romantic fishing and  wine-growing  town with

breath-taking  landscape,  scenery   and  panoramas,

and the outstanding top-quality red wine is made from

non-sprayed grapes: Plenkovic "Zlatan Plavac"

There are no hotels in the village,

only one grocery store and

two restaurants: "TAMARIS" and "BILO IDRO",

with Dalmatien specialities

which are open from June to September

There is an airfield for small and sports planes 15 km away.